Cleaning Business - Case Study

The Create Your Business team at The Franchise society recently put together Erin’s Cleaning Business, giving Erin the ability to spend more time on the job earning money and less time worrying about the set up.

Erin, came to us as a 32-year-old mother of one, with a FIFO partner and a demanding job that provided too little. She always wanted to run her own cleaning business for years, but couldn’t wrap her head around the intricacies of starting a business alone.

She set up her ABN but then she needed to find an accountant to help her with EOFY concerns and didn’t know where to start – she felt that one step forward would always lead her into a brick wall. She would get her daughter to sleep after a long day and then have to sit at her computer googling the answers and contact numbers while hoping she was going down the right path.

Erin found it so disheartening that she couldn’t just become her own boss when she wanted to and she was so frustrated that it had to be so complicated. She was discussing her issue with a colleague over coffee one fateful day, when she was introduced to The Franchise Society.

Her friend’s brother had sought the help of The Franchise Society when starting his own business and felt overwhelmed on his own, which was a story all too true for Erin. She decided to do some digging and see what all the fuss was about.

Erin was blown away by the sheer scope of The Franchise Society’s expertise: from warehousing (sourcing of equipment), information for lawyers and accountants, company and software setup and even marketing and advertising. She felt that the comprehensive business setup package was exactly what she was needing, and had answers for questions she didn’t even know she had.

Throughout the process, Erin felt supported and even protected by The Franchise Society. Knowing that she was being taught by a team of people who were experts at running a business gave her peace of mind and helped her cleaning business start off on the right foot.