How to grow a successful business

Is there a formula for developing a successful business? Does one size fit all? With the thousands of business types that exist today, what is the path to success?

From cobbling shoes to developing IT programs, there is a simple blueprint that all successful business people follow. Let’s focus on the first two:

1. Get organised

This cannot be stressed enough. Create a habit of writing a daily to-do list. This ensures nothing is missed and will give you a sense of control, understanding and achievement. Achievement will create motivation and that is the most ideal way to build momentum towards success.

However you choose to write and keep a to-do list is up to you. Some people prefer hand- written to-do lists, some rather excel spreadsheets. Do your research and consider the best way to manage your time and ensure productivity. Also consider apps such as microsoft teams, asana or slack (to name a few).

There is no shortage of organisational apps out there, and one might work perfectly for you. If you try one and you feel irritated by its set up, then try another. And don’t just stick with what you know – if you have only ever used digital but that method is becoming stale, then perhaps try writing down your to-do list. Whatever you decide, externalise your tasks and you will see that organisation falls into place. Remember that no task is too insignificant, if you feel that it will slow down your day by overlooking, then write it on your to-do list.

2. Keep detailed records

No successful business can exist without comprehensive records and a thorough but easily accessible record system. It is the best way to maintain control over finances and understand whatever challenges the business might be facing or could potentially face.

Modern businesses are fortunate in that not only is there a physical set of records, there is one just as easily stored in the cloud. This way, the business no longer needs to worry about fire, damage, theft or digital disaster. A successful business is one with a reliable and everlasting record system, so ensure that you back yours up in the cloud as well as maintaining a detailed record filing system wherever your business is based.

The Franchise Society support people are looking to start a business but feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting. While guides are good to have and can keep you organised, the hardest part is to often get started. The Franchise Society can do that heavy lifting for you. If you are ready to start a business, then get in touch with the team and let us Create Your Business.