Personal Training - Case Study

Ben, a Personal Trainer in the fitness industry was ready to tackle starting his own business, but when it came down to creating a business, Ben stalled.

Ben always knew that he wanted to be involved in sports when he grew up. He’d excelled in anything that he set his mind to, and he just loved being the best at everything. That competitive nature developed as he grew and resulted in a wide range of accomplishments.

From high school cross-country to CrossFit and power lifting competitions, he always wanted to compete, and he loved watching other people enjoy sports as much as him. He really found his groove when he joined a gym in high school, which led to his love for weightlifting. That love grew into a passion and he realised that that’s what he wanted to do with his life.

Ben studied and acquired his Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness and Fitness Qualifications and had saved up a deposit to start his own personal training business. He had all of his healthy ducks in a row and expected that word of mouth would be enough to get his business off the ground. Unfortunately, Ben had no prior knowledge on starting a business and was woefully underprepared for the stressors headed his way.

Many nights he spent sifting through the noise of the internet to try and find answers to his wide range of questions, but he ended up being discouraged and considered just taking a job at a local gym instead of doing it himself. Luckily for Ben though, he stumbled across  The Franchise Society. An entire team of people dedicated to helping people like him figure out the red tape.

Ben quickly realised that he could still live his self-employed dream and not have a nervous breakdown in the process. With the help of The Franchise Society and their Create Your Business service, Ben was able to organise an all of his business admin, website, marketing and advertising and even the gym equipment he needed to fit out his gym area. Any question he had was answered thanks to the experienced support team, which alone was worth the expense.